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Willbee Transit Mix Company, Inc.
2323 Brooklyn Road, Jackson, MI, 49203
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Welcome to Willbee Transit Mix, Inc.

Since 1907 Willbee Transit Mix has been supplying concrete and servicing concrete
for the Jackson Michigan County's construction industry.

We are experienced concrete suppliers providing the most up to date information
on concrete and cement innovations, plus new cost saving equipment and ideas to
architects, engineers, general contractors, masons, landscapers, and architects.
We also give personal service to the concrete Do-It-Yourselfers and Weekend

Our friendly and professional Research Staff can provide you with technical
advice on any commercial or residential project, land based or marine, that
range from sidewalks, landscaping, retaining walls, foundations, surface and
highway roads, bridges, stadiums and office buildings. We enjoy a
challenge. Bring us yours.

Our showroom has all the newest equipment and latest products, for sales or
rental, from start to finish. Bring in your project and let us solve your

At Willbee Transit Mix we seek to provide the best concrete products, sales and
services, but also seek a higher vision... to make Jackson, Michigan a beacon of
commercial enterprise and growth for future generations. Please join us.
"Down To Earth People...Reaching New Heights!"


  • Concrete Blocks
  • Bagged Cement & Mortar
  • Curing Compound & Sealers
  • Tool Rental & Sales
  • Pre Mixed Cement & Mortar
  • Tamms Products
  • Power Tools
  • Rebar Fabrication
  • Expansion Joints
  • Transits & Levels
  • Saws & Blades
  • Cement Pigments
  • Adhesives
  • Patio Stones & Supplies
  • Plastic Drain Tile
  • Sand Gravel Mason Sand
  • Contractor's Power Equipment
  • Computerized Coloring


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